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Unlike normal doors that swing sideway or roller shutters that rolls up into a cell , automatic garage doors are guided by tracks that open upwards to over head position electrically by garage door openers controlled by a handheld remote control.

There are two types of over head garage doors namely sectional and canopy (also known as tilt door or 1-piece door).

Sectional Garage Door Slides Up Along The Curved Tracks

  • Door panel constructed by 4 to 5 horizontal sections high together
  • Minium headroom: 300mm
  • Retract completely to open position
  • Authorized dealer of Martin Door USA, the world’s finest, safest garage door

Canopy Garage Door Has No Curved Tracks, It Flips Up By Hinged Arms

  • 1-piece door panel
  • Minimum headroom: 100mm
  • Part of the door extrudes forming a canopy when fully open
  • Faster but space outside of garage must be clear for opening/closing