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The opener replaces the mechanical lock, it locks the gate automatically when closing.

Opener also provides light whenever the door is activated.

Upon power blackout, simply release the clutch with key for manual operation.

By virtual of its space saving features, sliding gate is the best choice for automated access to your gated property. When space is a problem, you can either choose swing gate of roller shutter for your driveway.

By installing a sliding gate, you no longer have to get out of the car to open the gate manually every time you come home. Besides convenience, automated garage door offers additional security features:

By using the same 3-button remote control, you can operate the gate and up to 2 sets of garage door.

For those who have higher standard, we recommend Tousek frequency-converter motor with mechanical brake for hi-speed operation.

How to choose different type of gate:

Slide gate is the most reliable because of its simple mechanical design, but it does require adequate side room. Bi-parting slide gates can open up to 12m. Aluminum cantilever gate can open up to 10m.

Swing gate is the next choice if side room for slide gate is not available. Biparting swing gate with 2 leaves could be programmed for car-mode where both leaves open, or pedestrian mode where only one leave open.

Roller shutter requires a horizontal superstructure to support and conceal a box where the shutters roll up to. This is a popular choice for narrow driveway entrance.