Slide gate

About Slide Gate

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How does electrically operated slide gate opener work

The weight of the gate rest on a level rail. Depending on the length, the gate is guided by a number of roller bracket sets for opening and closing. There is no chance of derailing the gate.

Microprocessor inside the opener received encrypted signal from the remote control, amongst other operation such as auto reversal upon obstruction and recognizing up to 16 remote control, opens or closes the door electrically with a motor.

The gate opener only needs to overcome inertia and friction to move the gate. Gate can go up to 10 meter in length and 500 Kg in weight. Material can be stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, Aluminum or glass.

Special Purpose Slide Gates

The gate is trapezoidal to match the slope.

The entire weight of the gate rests on a rails.

Powerd by Tousek frequency converter motor withc mechanical brake to arrest the gate in stop position.

The entire weight of the gate rests on a curved rails with turning radius of 0.5m.
Each leaf is about 1m in width.
Powerd by Tousek frequency converter motor for …

The entire weight of the gate rests on the rails where the wheels moves on, therefore no hanging track needed.
The active leaf is driven by the motor through the teeth racks.
The passive leaf is driven by a chain-and-sprocket telescopic gear.

The entire weight of the gate rests on stationary carriages where the gate slides on, therefore no track needed.
Automation of cantilever gate is the same as slide gate with track.