Swing gate

About Swing Gate

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How does electrically operated swing gate opener work

The weight of the gate rest on hinges securely bolted to the pillar. The gate swings open by an electrically operated arm, one side secured to the pillar, the other side fastened to the gate.

Microprocessor inside the control box received encrypted signal from the remote control, amongst other operation such as auto reversal upon obstruction and recognizing up to 16 remote control, opens or closes the door electrically with a motor inside the arm.

The gate opener only needs to overcome inertia and friction to move the gate.

Gate can go up to 5 meter in length and 400 Kg in weight per leave. Material can be stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, Aluminum or glass, hot-dip galvanized steel with powder coating. Click here to see typical setup.

180° Swing gate opener

Some car parks require 180∘opening for easy access.

Underground motorized opener can open all the way to 180°.

It is controlled by the same electronics that work on electrical arms.

Car Mode

Pedestrian Mode

Safety and convenience features of swing gate

Soft-start/soft-start and smooth movement at around 20cm per second.

Car mode with both bi-parting leaves open.

Pedestrian mode with one side of gate open only.

Infra-red sensor for added protection, it will reverse door movement upon detection of possible obstruction.

Optional auto-closing preset by internal timer and external lighting control.

Auto-lock when closed, not extra locking mechanism required.

See swing + telescopic gate for special application.

Special Application

Mechanical Floor Lock

Uphill Swing Hinge

Hinges Rated At 1,360 Kg Per Pair

Auotmation Of Swing Gate

From medium gate to large up to 12m in width and 4T in weight.
Frequency controlled motor for 10-second opening.
Very east to switch to manual mode in case of power outage.
Opens to 110° max.

Suitable for small to medium size with IP65 submergible motor.
Frequency controlled motor for 10-second opening
Need drainage provision.
180° opening possible.