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Introduction Of Design & Install

From concept to drawing to installation, we advance automatic doors and gates installation to a higher level. We run an ERP system and maintain drawing & BOM(bill of material); follow ECN process for any drawing change; apply SOP (standard operation procedure) for each installation.

Garage Door:

Headroom requirement is 40cm for normal installation, minimum 10cm for special low-headroom tracks.

Single car garage opening 2.6 meter wide required for drive-through width of 2.4 meter.

Double car garage opening 4.8 meter wide required to park 2 cars.

Wind load consideration for seaside or hill-top garage to use hurricane grade design.

Check clutter for obstruction.

Infra-red sensor mandatory for double car garage.

Key release mandatory for garage where the garage door is the only point of entry.

Door-in-door, keyless-entry, flash light optional.

Choice of material: galvanized steel, Aluminum-glass, wood & copper.


Side room requirement for slide gate and swing gate.

Limit of weight is 500Kg for residential application gate.

Infra-red sensor mandatory for sliding gate.

Wind load consideration if door area larger than 10m².

Choice of material: stainless steel, wrought iron, wood, brass and glass.

Roller Shutter:

Space above for concealing box. Normal installation requires 50cm height.

Limit of weight is 100Kg for residential application.

Infra-red sensor option.

Wind load consideration.

Choice of material: stainless steel and Aluminum.