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Garage Doors And Electric Gates Are The Largest Moving Appliances At Home.
They Must Be Maintained At Regular Basis For Safety Reason.

Typical maintenance contract starts from $5,000 per year Scope:

24-hour technical support by telephone

Free inspection and maintenance every 6 months

Defective part(s) identified during the first inspection will be replaced at cost upon your approval of our quotation, the system is therefore under 1-year warranty.
During warranty period, we undertake to repair and/or replace any defective parts if damage is not caused by misuse or force majeure (flood, lighting or earthquake etc.)

12-hour response time for service call during bank office hour

Ad hoc service call with 4-hour response time will be changed at $1,000 per trip

Service and maintenance records will be kept in a log book

All maintenance works will be carried out by doors and gates expert Chris Severs who had 25 years experience working in Hong Kong and UK.

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